I would like to share some personal thoughts to allow you to understand me a bit better through an explanation of the motivations and inspirations that surround my decision to play the cello.

Ms. Williams Muir

Though all classical musicians go through rigorous training in order to get technique as solid as possible, and even work on ways to make whatever emotion the music is supposed to portray as real as possible, I believe there is more. I think Catherine Marshall understood this when she said, I sat there thinking about how all real music has to be born in the human spirit.

I believe there is a direct relation to a musician's life experience and what this musician is able to portray in his or her music. Therefore, I am thankful for all my life experiences, sufferings and joys, and how they have all helped me to grow as a person and as a musician.

I also believe that music includes a spiritual dimension. As a Christian, I would like to echo J.S. Bach's words, Soli Deo Gloria, meaning to the Glory of God Alone, which he wrote on many of his musical scores. This is my purpose in playing. It is my hope that many of God's gifts to me in my life will be shared with you as I play, and that you will have hope and joy as you listen to my music.

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